DR Drill Bit 22 mm (19mm Top Hat Grommet)


DR Drill Bit. Al-Magor has developed this specially shaped bit to allow precise drilling of PE or PVC pipe. Features hardened steel blade and hexagon shank to suit power or hand drills. For the contractor this line produces a precise hole and features a stopper flange to avoid pushing drill to the opposite side.



Drill Bits Australia

DR Drill Bit 7.5 mm DR7.5
17 g
DR Drill Bit 12 mm (10 mm Top Hat Grommet)DR12
38 g
DR Drill Bit 16 mm (13 mm Top Hat Grommet)DR16
74 g
DR Drill Bit 18 mm long reach (suits Israeli tapping saddles 1" BSPF branch)DR18L
107 g
DR Drill Bit 19 mm (16 mm Top Hat Grommet)DR19
75 g
DR Drill Bit 22 mm (19 mm Top Hat Grommet)DR22
83 g
DR Drill Bit 25 mm (19 mm Curved Grommet) PE pipe onlyDR25
145 g
DR Drill Bit 33 mm (25 mm Curved Grommet) PE pipe onlyDR33
195 g

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